Saturday, October 28, 2006

I give up...

After spending a few months seriously worrying about a particular person's well-being and whereabouts...I find out that particular person was keeping information from me. Let's just say he was supposed to be, in his words, "used to be married." That implies divorced, right? So like, he just disappears on me...???? What the FUCK! Oh...can you guess what he was lying about??? Hmmm...I happened to be looking for properly bred pit bull puppies (not for me) and guess what I came across? He and his WIFE had a puppy reserved. Now before you get all...maybe it was another guy. He has a very distinct name and lives in a part of the country where it would not be me! When did they make this "reservation" for a puppy? Two weeks after he stopped talking to me.

I'm done. I'm going to be an old, toothless hag and love it. I'm never going let someone impale my heart with lies anymore! Fuck 'em all! Lying bastards...emphasis on the tards! I'm really confused. Even his last email made it sound like I'd keep hearing from him...that just made me worry about his well-being even more.

(I took out a paragraph that appeared in an earlier version of this post. I didn't like it.)

After I wrote this I did a "free" search to see if he was still I can't believe my eyes...he even lied about his age! He's still not older than me, but he's only like two years younger than me. My friend's brother is an officer on his base....If I was a nasty person...but, I'm not. I'll get on, and continue to know that I cannot trust men. Sad thing...he made me feel differently, asshole!


rachel said...

Oh hell, I'm sorry you got jacked around like that.

RT said...

Grrrrrr.....I am trying so hard to refuse to believe that all men are like this fuckhead. It is getting hard. I'm getting too old for this shit!

Deathlok said...

I would like to go on record as saying I am proof that it is not all men.

If I were you, I would go to the puppy reserve and act as a buyer and just make him sweat. If you do that and never actually confront him, he will always wonder when the other shoe will drop.

Oooh, look! My evil side is showing!

RT said...

I'm gonna post the email I sent him. It is a good one...Rachel said so.

I have his address and phone number, too. But I don't want to upset the's not about her. However....I would love to frak with his head. He intiated everything, too. Deeeek!

RT said...

Would this freak you out a little if you were him?

Well...friend. This is my last email. I hope you are well. Hope life is all you want it to be.

Enjoy the scenery and don't let the bastards in life get you down.

Be good...don't lie to people. It really is unbecoming.

(My real name...)

ps...hope you have a cute pet in your future...hmmmm like a pit bull or something? You seem like a pit bull kind of guy.

Take care and don't let life bite you in the isn't pleasant.