Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Things I learned today

1. Don't get behind in your grading...staying at school until 9:45 pm catching up is a bitch.

2. Lots of sneezing and gurgglie chest means I'm getting sick.

3. Someone flying down the highway on my bumper (well maybe two inches from it) doesn't mean I'll move out of his way...I'll do the speed limit dead-on.

4. I'm old and I know nothing about all the technology crap I am supposed to keep up with.

5. It is 12:31 am and I have to be at 4:00 am to begin everything all over again.

6. Men have way more fun than women.

7. Lasts year's torture with ten pregnancies and twelve children wasn't enough; now everyone who is single at work is getting engaged and married. I'm ok not having kids, but I'd like someone someday...let the torture begin...oh and I spent all day Saturday talking wedding stuff with my friend and the bridesmaids. If I ever get married, I'm eloping. Way too much trying to impress people that have almost nothing to do with you the rest of the year...just go away for a week and come back, "I'm married!" Then, have a party.

8. Never drink a huge mocha frappacino (sp?) and expect to get to sleep to get up at 4:00 am.

9. Thanks your blog buddies for being your blog buddies...especially since do not know you from Adam...Thank you!

10. Learn to let God have control of #7. I'm too tired to run my life.

11. I suck at football pools.

12. I really ramble, don't I?


14. I should not be awake when Craig Ferguson comes on when it is a school night.

Good night everyone!


rachel said...

The short version of my answers since it's past my bedtime as well...

4. You fake it pretty damn well.
6. Amen sister.
9. Right back at ya. To you as well.

Wyatt Earp said...

Weddings are overrated. Oh, and they suck. No one EVER has fun at a wedding.

Just my $0.02.

RT said...

Wyatt: I like what the ceremony itself represents, but I think people get too crazy about them. It's really not about the wedding....there is a life to live afterward. My friend is handling things well, I just feel bad for her that some, if not a lot of her decisions are made in a manner to not piss off someone...."someone/people" she rarely sees. I just don't see the point...except for the wanting to be together until mold grows out of each other's ears.

RT said...

Rachel: Boy did I pay for my grade-fest. I felt so sick all day...and tired.

I'm a young 37.
Seriously...men have so much more fun, and I am jealous! Maybe that's why all of my best-friends have been men...well, until they got married and their wives cut their balls off and I couldn't hang with them anymore. Oh, I digress.

You're welcome!

wrecksE said...

Hey RT, finally figured out how to link to you. Love your site, funny stuff!!

6. Not sure about that.

Gotta agree with Wyatt on weddings, you hardly remember what happened later, and then half of 'em blow up in your face...no I'm not bitter :)

RT said...

Thanks Wreckse.

Trust me, I've been privy to "Man Land" because I can hang with the best of them...men definitely do have more fun.

I once lived with a band and a few of their friends...five-six guys (depending) at one time. I know of what I speak. :)

Oh, and I have a cousin that lives in Franklin, TN. Never been there, hear it's nice.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

LOL :-) I enjoyed these!!

RT said...

LMC: It appears that a fever, overall pain, and exhaustion make me relaxed enough to just say whatever. Glad you liked the list.