Sunday, October 22, 2006

Don Snider has spoken.

"Hitch, I got an offer you can't refuse."

"Yes, Don Snider. What is it?"
"I offer that you go work for another team. You're fired!"

Personally, I was hoping Hitchcock would be fired. He fraks with minds too much. You don't take stable, well-adjusted players and turn them into mush and expect them to win...ARSE! Actually, I just always thought he was a little weird.

Well, and Wyatt's dream came a dignified manner. Clarke, gone. For how he's allowed/watched the team suffer of late because of his poor decision making, I'm miffed. However, I'm glad he resigned with dignity. It is what you hope for people who see the need to move on with life.

I was skimming a story about Jacques Lemarie the other day. I just kept thinking, "Why can't we get really good coaches that make players want to excel?" I was kind of sad, really. My first hockey game was when I was in sixth grade. It was the Flyers vs Quebec Nordiques (sp?) . Bobby Clarke played. A puck whizzed over my head and someone two rows back caught it. I remember the fights, the excitement, the speed of the game (not as fast as today, but still quick), and how a sport just grabbed me and had my full attention. I hope the Flyers make me feel that way again. If not, I'm putting Holmgren in to kick some of their asses. mom woke me up like the most breaking of news events was happening....Flyer-land is special, isn't it?

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