Friday, October 13, 2006

So that's what has been making me sick...

I rarely drive during the summer, so when school began and my wheeze returned along with flu-like-symptoms (chills, aches, general pukishness), and the foggy brain I had cleared up by August, I became a bit miffed and well, always feeling sick. It has become a normal thing for me. I feel sick just about everyday from fall until spring. Before I completely blamed it on my moldy school and primary classroom, I tried to do what I could. So I went to the doctor Wednesday (yep, mine has hours). My symptoms were evident and I put on my thinking cap. I had one overall common time when I felt yuckiest...after I had driven my car for at least a half an hour or more. The good doc said yes, I have a mold allergy, and yes, my car and the classroom might be making it worse. (And people think my belief that I belong in an arid climate is phooey.)

So I took my car to get serviced today. They changed the pollen/ventilation filters. The guy gave me a tip about Lysol and sucking it through the system once in a while to fight the mold and bacteria that accumulates in the "pan" that catches the wetness produced by my ac. When I have to use the heat/defrost, I get blasted with the mold and bacteria, thus making me really sick. I was beginning to think I was psycho. They also got rid of all the lovely pine needles kind of covering the air intake...yep...been sucking in heated up pine tar and mold from the needles, too. Nice!

I could tell the difference in the air in my car as soon as I started the car. I'm sure all the exhaust fumes I inhale on my hour-long trip up the highway don't help, either. At least I have a positive start to my ridding myself of mold issues. Now I have to eliminate mold, yeast, and aged foods from my diet...Call me Bugs, 'cause all I'll be eating is rabbit food. I'll be a runway model in Milan, yet! Well, at least I'm tall enough.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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