Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Questions for y'all:

1. If you are a highly (over)paid actress, do you bother with a man who has substance abuse issues (past & present)?

2. If you are a woman, 5'10" in height, do you wear really high heels?

3. Is it ok to despise the owner of your favorite hockey team for
emphasizing the "Flyers' Philosophy," which from what I can tell so
far, hasn't worked in over thirty years. Loyalty and treating players well is one thing, but shouldn't the "mission" statement be updated?

4. Superman or the Hulk? Why?

5. Which is the better date: a mega-nice dinner at a really nice restaurant; or a couple of movies, way too many snacks, and lots of beverages, while curled up on the couch?


rachel said...

1. Living proof the being pretty or rich doesn't mean you're smart.
2. I'm 5'6" and rarely wear them.
3. Mission statements suck.
4. Superman. He's a man in a uniform. Well, tights and a cape, anyway. The Hulk just rips his clothes when he gets all Hulk-like. And green isnot a turn on.
5. What kind of beverages?

wrecksE said...

1. And if you are talented, successful, married to a beautiful giant, and on top of cmt's sexiest people list, what kind of problems do you have to drown exactly???

4.Wonder Woman, because the other two are dudes...

5.Plan B, I never can remember which fork is which anyway.

John D. said...

1. Sure, why not. Overpaid actresses are supposed to be stupid. Might as well maintain the public image and generate some tabloid headlines.

2. If I suddenly found myself a 5'10" woman, I'd be too freaked out to think about shoes.

On a side note, as a 6' tall man, I wouldn't have a problem with a 5'10" woman in really high heels. Provided that she could walk in them. That's a long way to fall if she trips.

3. It's a free country, so you can despise anyone you want to. Just don't gripe about them on your blog in a post titled "People I Hate." Wyatt might sue you for stealing his idea.

4. No preference, but I'd love to watch a no-holds-barred match between the two. That'd be a helluva fight.

5. What's a date?

Wyatt Earp said...

People I Hate is a trademarked blog gimmick. I own it, and all its subsidiary rights! Use it and I'll sue your ass back to The Stone Age!!! :)

RT said...

1. Yet when you are smart...men run the other direction.
2. I'm 5'10" and used to wear them. I always felt like I was too tall, though. But then again, they were 4-5 inch heels.(and I could walk in them)
3. We change our mission statement every so often to overpay consultants when we could be buying books and such.
4. I'm torn. Superman wears tights and I had a fondness for '80s spandex, but the Hulk has a personality disorder, and well, I tend to attract dicks.
5. Booze! I'm not talking wine coolers, either.

1. "Oh, I'm successful and loved, yet soooo alone...woe is me!" Hmm...think Cobain had the same issues?
2. At least she has a lasso to tie ya up!
3. The little fork is the salad fork. :)

1. I just had a thought. She's married two wack-a-doodles. Maybe she drives them over the edge.
2. What's so freaky about us tall women? The long legs come in handy ya know!
Oh yeah...and it does hurt when one falls in really high heels...so I'm told. I know how to walk in them. Well, I used to until I lost the use of my legs and I can't get on my friggin' tippy toes...By June, damnit!!!! I digress.
3. Thank you for permission to gripe, sir. I have a theme song in mind for Wyatt, and if I find it...you'll see it on my site.
4. Who'd win with the rear naked choke hold?
5. I dunno? I haven't been on one in herds!

If I could figure out how to spell the sound of blowing rasberries at you...well...that's what I'd do.

John D. said...

What's so freaky about us tall women?

I don't think tall women are freaky. Hell, my wife is 5'9". My prom date in HS was 5'11" (and she wore heels to the prom). My point was that suddenly transforming into a woman would leave me too unnerved to think about footware.

FIAR said...



Yes, yes

Hulk, because he's got that Jekyll/Hyde thing going for him, like me. I'm being forced to choose between two crappy options. the one's I REALLY like are the Punisher and Wolverine.

a couple of movies, way too many snacks, and lots of beverages, while curled up on the couch?

RT said...

FIAR: Sorry for the crappy options! Next time I'll include BACON!

RT said...

Sorry, JD, I misread...my eyes are tired.

Deathlok said...

1. I agree with rachel and I think they do it for the publicity. Negative publicity is better than no publicity.
2. I would have said no, until I received a kiss from my step cousin who is at least 6'. Awesome!! Girls of both height extremes are fantastic.
3. Revise Flyers Mission statement - post Clarke. . .get some Russians on the team. they;re speedy!
4. You'll be sorry you asked this. First it depends on which incarnation of the Hulk, but let assume the traditional Hulk. My initial reaction is to give it to Superman. However, Supes is to nice. The "madder Hulk gets the stronger Hulk gets" Superman would have to kill him to stop him and the second he let up, the Hulk would beat the living sh!* out of him. Of course, it gamma radiation had similar properties to Kryptonite (both being green) it would be over sooner. Sorry you asked yet?
5. Movies Movies Movies!!

RT said...

Not sorry I asked....you actually gave me something to ponder. Green/radiation = kryptonite didn't think of that one. Good one!

Oh, and I am glad you clarified that your 6' step cousin was a girl...I was little concerned there for a second.

I'm going to go watch Battlestar Galactica, now. I actually caught it at the beginning of an epidsode. Now I have something to watch before Number3s (love that show).

wrecksE said...

No I think Cobain, aside from being married to a cray white-trash bat, really was sorry for killing off all my big hair and eyeliner bands overnight. Bless his heart...

Hmmm the lasso, I hadn't even thought of that perk. Good point.

The small fork is the salad fork, the small fork is the salad,fork...I think I've got it thanks :)

RT said...

Wreckse: I'm still figuring out the whole spoon thing, though. I don't drink coffee...well hot coffee, and I have no clue what to do with that spoon. I guess I could bend it into funky shapes and call it sculpture.