Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm a ramblin' woman...Sorry no banjo

Ok, time for my stream of consciousness style of writing, otherwise known as rambling.

The misquotes and changes I asked for in my newspaper--not done.

Back-to-school night is this week. Joy. I don't mind meeting the parents; in fact, I enjoy it. Last year I had the most enjoyable parents. I hate having to stay until ten at night for the pleasure of meeting the parents.

I'm getting better with the whole "best-friend-moving-away" thing. This wedding might just save my life, but I'll get into that when I can actually say it has. Oooooo, cryptic.

Proof that God answers prayer, however small the request: I thought out-loud to God that I would like to have a day that I am scheduled for Saturday suspension off because it is the day after my birthday. Not being one to actually ask someone to switch, I knew it would be unlikely. I got an email today asking me to switch with someone in November. Cool, eh? I'm ungrateful, but it would be really cool if God answered some of my bigger requests. Keep in mind, though, that the little answers are encouragement for the larger requests. And NO! Saturday suspension is not like Breakfast Club. I did act out the Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson roles for a sub once in my English classes' production of it for her. Hey, at least we weren't evil.

So that's my random stuff. How y'all doing? I came home and slept until 8pm....great!


Ssssteve said...

Good, Hey, I don't know if you get e-mail reminders when someone posts a comment, I just wanted to let you know I left you a couple. Have fun meeting the parents!

RT said...

Thanks, Steve. I check my google email to see if I get anything. I didn't do that tonight, though.

I was at school late creating a cumulative vocabulary quiz (4 total hours today), creating a project surrounding "Rime of the Ancient Mariner," (yes, I think I'll play the Maiden version in class), and putting together handouts for the parents that will keep me and my mouth busy for ten minutes, so I don't have to entertain any questions that could get nasty or have any parents sucking up (that doesn't work with me). We've had parents yell at teachers during their presentations. Nice, eh?