Thursday, October 05, 2006

Meet the Parents

Well, I just got home from another night of meeting the parents. Just as last year, I have some awesome parents. I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one chat with a mom of a girl that concerns "city" girl. I think some positive changes will come of the conversation...and the girl was present for the conversation.

I had a dad concerned about his son taking honors for the first time. I told him his son should do fine as long as he blocks out the distractions (his friends) he has in class. Yep...he'll be better behaved tomorrow.

My worry was going to meet the parents of my journalism students. I'm such a freakin' dork. They gave me some very positive feedback about what their children are experiencing. I know the difference between sucking up and honest warm fuzzies...these were honest warm fuzzies.

At the end of one meeting time, I asked for any questions the parents might have and one mom raised her hand and said (I'm paraphrasing) that her daughter appreciates the enthusiasm I have for the class and greatly appreciates the respect I give them, the faith I put in them to do their jobs, and that I really care. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! That made it soooo much easier to drive home tonight. :) I really did nothing but praise that class the whole time I spoke to the parents, too. They really are awesome.

Well...I got my "feel goods" for the day. I hope you received some happy, smiley stuff along the way, too.


Peakah said...

Now that's why I want to be a TEACHER!

I know I'm making the right decision... despite my bro-in-law's insistence that I'll always struggle financially if I teach... thing's for sure, I know that with experiences like you describe, I will have a great wealth not measured by money...

RT said...

That is exactly what my colleague/friend and I were discussing over the Mexican food and the highly fattening Starbucks afterward. We were also discussing how this was the first year that we feel comfortable teaching. We're loving it. This is my seventh year and her tenth. It takes a while, just hang-in. It is worth it. I definitely recommend getting out of debt or as close to it as possible. It will be a great help and will lessen the stress of making ends meet.

I have to support my mom rigt now, so it has been quite hard for me and I'm in a lot of debt, but I try to believe God has a plan and will provide for my needs and get me out of debt in His time.