Monday, October 30, 2006


I'm just about done licking my wounds. What angers me most is that I spent five years trying to build up the courage to take "risks" again, to say "go-for-it." I had my heart broken in a zillion pieces five years ago. It is still not quite right and I miss the person who broke it...(bad thing, I know). It has been like this since I was 18...this guy from five years ago.

So, I let this other person in...made me forget all the other bullpucky. I finally said F-it...take a risk....all signs were encouraging, so it was an easy decision. That's why I'm so perturbed. Well, that and what he was doing behind his wife's back. How sleazy.

So...I've learned a lesson and I'm trying to not allow this whole thing skew my view of taking risks and being afraid to trust. They're not all like this sack-o-crap, are they?

Live and learn.

Thanks, y'all for listening to me whine.


Ssssteve said...

Feel for ya RT! And no "we" aren't all like that! Thinking of ya!!

RT said...

Thank you. I feel dumb on top of it and learn.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

You have my prayers and best wishes, RT. :)

RT said...

Thank you...God must have someone really, really awesome for me...My appreciation level for the mystery someone is getting really high these days.