Sunday, August 20, 2006

Warm and Fuzzies

Some things just make me smile. Funny jokes, clever personalities, when my sports teams win, pleasant surprises, and pretty flowers pretty much do it for me. My favorite flowers are daisies...gerber daisies. They are big, bold, bright, yet very fragile.

Ok...too sappy, eh? I was very ugh and blah the past twenty-four hours or so. Well, I'm still feeling ugh and blah, but I don't want to share why. Not health related or anything, but whatever...getting sappy again, sorry.

I look forward to reading more limericks. They've definitely helped my mood. I'll post the list of funny tonight. Multiple entries are encouraged. See y'all later.

1 comment:

RT said...

"Oh, I love my pretty little flower." Sorry, had a Young Frankenstein moment.