Monday, August 28, 2006

Poor Taste

I watched the Emmy Awards show and something has been bothering me about it. The show "opener" included a Lost-like plane crash and wash-up on a beach followed by various entrances into other shows. Now I know these opening segments are done in advance, but they are capable of editing magic. I think the show would have survived with a clever edit that just had Conan O'Brien wash up on the beach. Folks would've "gotten it." We would have figured out it was a spoof on Lost, and that perhaps the crash was eliminated out of respect for those who died in the plane crash today (and their grieving families). Guess tact and manners really are dead in this society.



Ssssteve said...


Whoever said hollyweird had class! Morons all of them!!

btw, sorry I haven't linked yet with the vacation and all. consider it done now!!!

RT said...

sssssssssssteve: Thank you! Welcome back! Well...3,000 miles away from here-home, I guess.

Glad you had a nice trip with your family.