Saturday, August 26, 2006

Preponderance of Pimping

Wyatt has an interview posted on Basil's blog. If I knew how to do linky stuff on a blog post, I'd do it. I'm lame. You can go to Rachel's blog about Wyatt or Wyatt's blog and find the link to Basil. It is a good interview with the witty remarks we've come to expect from our fearless pimp, er...uh. gunslinger.

I have also added two blogs to my list of blogs. Grim Jack and Dragon Lady are linked for your reading pleasure.

No adventures today. I'm hoping for adventures on Monday. Until then, cleaning and organizing for the impending school year are on the docket.

I also have a thought for the day. Hockey starts way too late. It needs to start now! I'm getting itchy for checks, wristers, and shots from the line that just seem to find their way into the net. Yeah....fights, too. Question: Do you think hockey is going "small-guy" again, and for good?

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