Thursday, August 31, 2006

Random Stuff

I have nothing today. I'm still dealing with student drama. Yes, drama before the year even begins. So, I'm wiped out from working hard all day in school and dealing with the drama. I have some really random thoughts, that otherwise, would not take up an entire post.

The "youtube" guys are dancing on the treadmills on the VMAs. It is nice that people realize that the child-like imagination is so important to retain. Frost would be proud.

Speaking of the VMAs, I want to dance like Shakira, have Fergie's voice, and look like a Pussycat Doll. I'll never be confused with a militant feminist. Well, unless I have a brain transplant with one of the said militants.

The person who advised the school newspaper before me was way overworked and her boyfriend was thinking of not taking things further. I saw her today with an engagement ring, news of a new house, and she said the thanks belonged to me. Great. I already have no life. My cats and my job will be my life. Guess I don't need to dance like Shakira, sing like Fergie, or look like a Pussycat Doll now. Hrrrummpff.

(I was going to place pictures of my cats here, but the blogger or my computer is a piece of shite right now.)
So now that I've spent about an hour trying to upload pictures from files I couldn't find (ugh), I'm gonna go dream about the blood tests I have to get tomorrow. Say a prayer that what I've been doing has improved my "numbers."
Have a good one, and thanks for reading the random crap.


Ssssteve said...

Praying for ya! Hope those blood tests come out like they should!! Now get some rest Dangit!

RT said...

Thank you. It is always nice to rip off the adhesive tape and cotton ball they put over my puncture point. Nice.....(ouch!)