Wednesday, August 16, 2006

And the answers are....

The only bad thing about having off during the summer is that the brain tends to become mush-like. Therefore, it is a good thing that only three questions were asked. I'm gonna go watch Project Runway now...thank God there is football tomorrow night!

CUG asked, "Who put the 'sham' in the shamalangadingdong?"

Answer: That could be either the guy who invented the shammy (sp?), or Sam the Sham (and the Pharaohs).

Wyatt, because he is my pimp, feels as though he can ask two questions. Well, ok; he is my pimp. He asked what I looked like with blonde hair and thigh high boots, and also asked if he should eat yellow snow.

I looked like a 5'10 girl with bleached beyond belief hair that had on boots that went above the knee. I wish I looked like that again. I was fearless. Growing older sucks!

Now for the yellow snow. Well, I guess you could eat it if you were stuck on a mountain somewhere after a plane crash. I hear the Chinese drink urine to cure ills. But if you are living in Philly, perhaps someone just spilled some Philly tap water on the snow; therefore, it should be ok.

Fmragtops asked when I'm "gonna answer these questions."

Ummm, when I am done having my Pedro Martinez-type meltdown over how I feel about going back to school in a couple of weeks. That reminds me, I need to get back to work on planning my year. Speaking of beating the pine tar out of the Mets....wooohooo the Phillies just won a third game against the Mets!

Hope y'all keep visiting! :)


rachel said...

You have a couple of weeks before summer starts? We're back in business here. My neighbor (teaches 3rd grade) is already back and has hit me up for balloons a big ziplock bag (something to do with a math lesson), and a book of soduko puzzles for kids.

For whatever it's worth, I had the balloons and the ziplock bag, found the soduko book at Linens and Things of all places.

Enjoy the last moments of summer and know that you have my empathy. And balloons, if you need them.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Ah yes.
Back to school. It is almost time...

Great answers, BTW! :)

RT said...

Rachel, Our school year ends with about a week left in June, so the teachers go back for in-service (code for useless meetings when we could be getting ready for the kids) for the two days after Labor Day, and then the students return that Thursday.

I'm just anxious about my new prep. As much as I learned (and got an "A") in my grad class, it doesn't prepare for the realities of a newspaper staff that knows everything because they've been doing it for three years and me....nil.

I'll need a paper bag to help me breathe, but no balloons or zip-loc bags. I teach high school students.

RT said...

ooops, Sorry CUG...Thank you! I tried to be witty. Doesn't always work.

I know it's time for school when I start seeing the Staples commercials. That reminds me, I need lots of colorful pens to grade papers. Excuse to go shopping!