Sunday, August 27, 2006

Haven't Done that in Two Years

There was a minor triumph in the RT household this evening. After a four hour nap (ugh), I cooked myself dinner. Sounds trivial, but I haven't done that in two years-haven't been able to stand up and cook. My mom lives with me, so she's been cooking, in case you just had images of cereal for all my meals. Gluten-free pizza w/out tomato sauce. Could've used more garlic, but I kneaded the dough and actually cooked. Now, if by Oct. 7th I could actually be able to go to the Maiden concert in Camden...I'd be a happy camper. I won't go, but a girl can dream.

I watched the MTV2 Maiden program this evening. It was awesome! I wish they had played a full video, though. The guitars sound amazing. I appreciated how they talked about how they get the subject matter for their songs. Hopefully the youngins will take note that metal isn't all about insanely dark stuff and can have a purpose....sounding like the cookie monster on crack isn't one of them. Hey, even Megadeth is putting out a cd titled United Abominations--it's about what a joke the UN is. You go, Dave.


dragonlady474 said...

It irritates me when all metal is put into the category of satan worshipping heathens. Iron maiden writes a lot of cool stuff as do several metal bands, but nobody gets to hear about those songs though.

RT said...

DL: Much agreed. One week per year my school radio station invites the teachers to do a guest spot for an hour. I am very careful to explain the songs before they are played...even if it one just chosen because the band sounds different, as I did with "Aerials" by System of a Down. Everybody chooses to think the worst about metal, but there are numerous songs that warn of consequences for poor personal choices (drugs, booze, gambling), songs that deal with historical and politcal events/beliefs, and of course all the "fun" livng for the moment stuff. But, really. If I taught Vietnam era literature or history, I'd sure be playing "One" and "Rooster." There is more to metal than King Diamond. (talk about scary)

BTW...Creepy...right now I'm watching a Korean horror flick titled A Tale of Two Sisters. It is good.