Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Birthhhhhhday, Mr. President.

Sixty really isn't that old these days, but Bill Clinton seems to be having a problem with it. So, I've listed the reasons I could surmise.

1. He has to replace his sexy bikini underwear with depends. (I just grossed myself out....ewwww.)

2. Bad eyesight: Constantly confuses Hilary for Buddy....Oh wait, Buddy is dead...But still, it must hurt getting hit in the head with all those milkbones and balls.

3. Every year older means more lies to remember.

4. Pretty girls ask how the "olden-days" were, pinch his cheeks, and say, "Thanks Gramps."

5. His groupies include Babs Streisand, Diane Keaton, Lily Tomlin, and Janet Reno.

But the one thing bothering him the most about his birthday....

He doesn't have anyone to blow out his candles! (Wait, is Monica around?)


John D. said...

Keep Monica away from the cake. She'll get frosting all over her blue Gap dress.

RT said...

John D.: Ewwww..... I wonder what color the frosting is?