Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Glenn Ford RIP

I just read an obituary of sorts for Glenn Ford. He died today. While the obituary (actually more than one obituary) listed his many accomplishments as an actor, it did not even mention his service to our country. This angers me. Of all of his accomplishments, serving in our military should be listed at the top. Ford was a hero that wore a uniform for previous generations so that my generation could enjoy freedoms we so obviously take for granted.

I knew he was a veteran of WW II, but what I did not know, as reported on a web site that honors him, is that Ford served two tours in Vietnam, too. He was also a highly decorated veteran. In fact, the man did so much more than I have just mentioned.

What speaks volumes to me is that every time a movie came on television with him as part of the cast, my mom would always mention his military service. He deserves more than to just have his movie bio listed.



John D. said...

The cool thing about Glenn Ford is that he stayed in the Reserves after WW II, and served through most of his Hollywood career. He eventually retired from the USNR at the rank of Captain.

RT said...

I always thought of him as "war-hero," first. I guess it is because of how he was spoken about whenever he was mentioned on tv. I didn't see any obituaries or any news programs today (too busy), but I wonder if his lengthy service (for a country not his birth-home) to our country was highlighted.

I think it also upset me because it just seems that the military is not given the honor and respect it desverves.