Monday, August 21, 2006

One of My All-Time Favorite Bands!

Ok Maiden fans, guess what!?!?! Iron Maiden will be on MTV2 for "Iron Maiden Makes an Album" (guess the whole cd thing hasn't caught on in the UK). When? Next Saturday, Aug. 26th at 11:30 p.m. It is a half an hour show. Then, on September 5th, the "album" (cd), "A Matter of Life and Death," will be released.

I am excited about this one. I haven't purchased any Maiden (except to update to cds) in herds. I still want the Ed head "box" set, though.

I live for my drives home from work with the cd player pounding out the high-octane tunes! (Well, love songs make me cry and rap makes my ears bleed, so those are two conditions that one should not be experiencing while driving). Ok, my Monster Ballads cd is a guilty pleasure. And yeah, I sing all of the songs all the way home on my one hour drive.

BTW!!! Somebody go cheer Det. Earp up, as I think he might be grumpy today.


dragonlady474 said...

My favorite Maiden song is "The Trooper", I also loooove "The Flight of Icarus". I never got to see them in concert, but I bet they kick all kinds of ass.

RT said...

DL: My first concert, when I was 16, Jan. 29, 1985...Iron Maiden w/ Twisted Sister as the opening act. It was general admission. So that meant, first to the door--first on the floor. My feet didn't touch the ground and crowd was swaying back and forth. I got a little wigged-out, to say the least. The show, outside in line, was quite an experience, too. The Spectrum was a zoo with quite the number of animals--security guards included; they were nuts, but fun to watch as they literally threw people out the door.

RT said...

BTW...still my favorite concert ever! Steve Harris is a bass playing god! I love "Icarus" and "Hallowed by thy Name."

I use Iron Maiden's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" in class. Yowza!

dragonlady474 said...

My first real concert was Styx, the Grand Illusion tour. ::sigh:: They don't make music like that anymore.

RT said...

The "calmest" concert I've ever been to was The Firm..and well, I don't remember much (cough, cough). I do remember everytime Jimmy Page did a solo the crowd went nuts, they woke me up from my nap. And honestly, that was the only concert I ever watched in an altered state. I had to, it was sooooooo boring.

My last concert was many years ago, on mischief night...Slayer, Motorhead, and Overkill. It rocked!

Wyatt Earp said...

Great. Metal heads. Heh.

And I'm not grumpy, I'm just a racist, remember???

RT said...

Mr. Bunker:
I listen to stuff other than metal, too. I didn't back then, but I do now...well, for the past fifteen years. I just got excited.