Thursday, August 17, 2006

America Has Talentless Freaks!

Someone PLEASE retire Regis Philbin to a pasture. He can't sing, he can't hear, and does he really need another television show? So far I have seen a guy play the guitar with a weed wacker and I thankfully have forgotten the rest, so far. BUT there is a little girl from the Philly area (Mayfair?) on this show with an amazing voice. I hope she wins. Anyway...I'm tired of Philbin. He thinks he has talent. He's been graced with good luck, that's all.


rachel said...

LOL!!! The subject line says everything I have to say about the complete overload of "talent" shows on TV these days.

And Regis is one of the guaranteed ways to get me to change the channel in my apt.

BTW, I feel a compulsive need to spell check my comments on your blog. ;)

RT said...

Rachel, Don't worry about spell check. I make some real blunders at times. I have issues with random tense usage. If people were perfect, we'd be boring.

Mi students lyke tu spell horible at evry oppertunite.

fmragtops said...

Water's wet, heat's hot, etc etc etc.

RT said...

Fmragtops: I'm having a brain density problem.