Monday, May 05, 2008

YAY! I'm appreciated!

Today begins Teacher Appreciation Week. The parents, administrators, and non-faculty staff always make us feel very special.

Today, the parents treated us to a buffet of yumminess that I can't even begin to describe. If I did, then you'd know I ate a lot of stuff I shouldn't...but it was sooooooo good! The topper was a really delicious chocolate, chocolate chip brownie. A huge one! At some point this week we'll get candy and small gifts. We will also get a huge cake to devour. Last year, I won a gift card to Charlie Brown's. That was freakin' great!

In a lot of districts, though, the teachers get acknowledgment on the school sign or nothing at all. While there are some teachers who should be seeking other employment (for various reasons), the majority of teachers work very hard (to the best of their ability within a highly bureaucratic and flawed system) to provide solid instruction to the children they educate.

If you don't know of anything special happening at your children's school, here are some ways to show your appreciation:
1. A gift card to a book store or Starbucks is always appreciated.
2. A simple note of appreciation means a lot, especially at this time of the year. You know your kids are really itchy right now. Imagine a classroom full of that end-of-the-year itch.
3. Stationery, pens (especially pens), or a gift card to an office supply store is a good idea, too.
4. If you know of a need within your child's classroom, perhaps a donation or meeting that need could be done.
5. Call the teacher and leave a message of thanks. Most of the phone calls we get are, "Why is my child failing? He told me he was doing fine. I think we should schedule a meeting."

And to you supportive parents, thank you. Thank you for instilling a good work ethic and a healthy amount of respect for others into your children. I know I appreciate it.

And well, just to be a little snarky: If you have one of "those" kids, that even you make sure he/she goes to school every day because you don't want to "deal," keep him or her home for a day. Even my students notice that I don't look stressed out when one of "those" kids is absent. It will improve the teacher's blood pressure.

Seriously though, the note or call of simple appreciation really does wonders. This is the time of year when we question everything we did, feel very burned out, and for some teachers it is a time that can be quite deflating.


USA_Admiral said...

Thanks for the list of suggestions.

I will have to go with a note because cash is tight until the 15th. We always let our appreciation be known during the last week of school.

RT said...

Believe me, kind words in a note mean the world to teachers. It is rare that we get any positive feedback.