Friday, May 09, 2008

Philly newspapers--DUH!

Today, during Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski's funeral, his son, Matt, led those in attendance in a Flyers chant. The officer loved the team.

The team will honor Sgt. Liczbinski with a moment of silence at their first home game during the Eastern Conference Finals against the Penguins.

This is very Philadelphian and a nice tribute.

It has been reported on by a Philadelphia sports writer and posted on the paper's website. You'd think that people are really careful about how and when things are posted, though. It just rubs me the wrong way, and I'm going to send an email. (A friendly one, not nasty.) See if you can find the huge error. As I type this, Game 1 has not begun. It will begin in a few minutes. Keep that tidbit in mind as you read. (I screen printed the image. Click to enlarge.)


As an aside, I would like to commend those that stood for hours in the rain to pay tribute to Liczbinski; may he now rest in peace.


USA_Admiral said...

Maybe he meant "Tonights Game?"

Funerals and rain seem to go together. May he Rest In Peace.

RT said...

I don't think so, the whole paragraph is in past tense. They probably meant for it to post today (Saturday). Mistakes happen, but geez, talk about a dumb mistake.