Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Myanmar Kryptonite

I've been told that women have a strange, undeniable power over men. (I lack whatever power that is.) However, I never knew that panties had such an effect.

According to a human rights group in Quebec, a good way to protest Myanmar's human rights abuses is to have women send panties to Myanmar's representatives in Ottawa.

"The Quebec Women's Federation and the activist group Rights and Democracy claim the secretive military leaders in the country formerly known as Burma are superstitious and believe contact with women's underwear will usurp their power."

Imagine the fear in their eyes when they open a package from Rosie O'Donnell!

Some women from Myanmar agree: "They believe this is a very powerful message to the military because they are very superstitious."

Yeah, I know what you are thinking: New or used?

"I think (underwear) that has already been worn will be most effective to put them to shame," Thet Thet Tun (Myanmarese activist) told CTV News.

My only question is one raised because of concern for supply. Most people of an activist nature are hippies or grunge-mongers. They don't wear undies, do they?

I can't believe I came across THIS.

(H/T: UPI)


Dee said...

LOL :-), Leave it to you to find this kind of stuff ;-))).

USA_Admiral said...

Maybe you don't use the power. My wife does not either.

You must have been bore finding this?

RT said...

I'm warped.

I think if I had the ability to manipulate, I would know how to use it. I'm not real smooth. I'll just leave it at that.

I was bored. I go back to school tomorrow. I'll be stressed, not bored.

Noddy said...

My posts have been pants for a while now as far as Burma goes anyway!

RT said...

It's all pretty crazy.

I often wonder how some of these people get the power to get into positions that give them rule over nations.

They just seem to roll in somehow.