Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dipsh*t Awards

Imagine you are looking all too cool and hot on your motorcycle. However, on top of that too cool hotness, you're a Class-A idiot. You have an attitude problem and an issue with authority. In fact, when you see a police car at a gas station, you decide to flip the cops your middle finger, just to remind them who's #1. (Wow. I just had a major flashback a Phil Donahue show from the '70s.)

Not happy to just give the cops the finger, you are such an attitude-ridden idiot that you pop wheelies, too.

Yes, the cops will come get you--after they watch you crash your bike. Idiot!

What? One dipsh*t isn't enough? O.k. Here's another scenerio for you:

Let's say you are a punk-ass 19 year-old kid. Being the "take charge" kind of guy you are, you take it upon yourself to reach into a car, grab the driver, and demand money. Lucky for you, the driver has money. Unfortunately, both men in the car are undercover officers on a surveillance assignment.

Needless to say, this career in thievery has not gone well. Most 19 year-old people lack the life experience to succeed at such a high profile job (heh).


USA_Admiral said...

They usually are thieves because they do not have any skill sets that allow them to do otherwise.

Old NFO said...

Gene pool needs more chlorine...

RT said...

Insanely stupid people just boggle my mind.

The road coughed you back up? Geez!

Lots of chlorine. I hear Deathlok has his own personal stockpile of the stuff.

Photog-Mama said...


RT said...

Thanks. :)