Monday, May 12, 2008

"Gee, should I wear a handkerchief to the prom?"

Hmmm...when you are given a dress code to follow and you decide to go against it and then argue about it, expect bad things to happen.

In my experience with teenagers I've noticed that the ones who break rules in school and try to customize life to their own whims, will do so when it comes time for formal school functions, too. For someone to call the cops, this must have been quite the heated argument, not to mention, if you don't leave when asked, you are trespassing.

1. Where are her parents?
2. Take a close look at her right upper chest/shoulder area. She has a tattoo that might give away what she's really like-allegedly. ;)

Click HERE for the winners of this week's caption contest. I bet they'd never be thrown out of the prom!


Mrs Grim said...

I know, do you believe this story? She looks like a hooker.

I once chaperoned a 7th and 8th grade dance at the local Catholic School, and my daughter wanted to wear a halter top to the dance and I refused. She said all the girls wore them - you know, the usual argument - but I wouldn't let her. But what I discovered was, all of the girls would wear acceptable clothes when they left their houses, and then change in the bathroom when they got to the dance. So numerous girls went in with appropriate tops and came out of the bathroom with their little halter tops on. In these cases, the parents had no idea.

USA_Admiral said...

That girl has no sense.

RT said...

Mrs. Grim
I chaperoned a junior prom once. ONCE! The boys were all up behind bent over girls, grinding. These are kids whose parents would be mortified to see that behavior. I walked up next them, cocked my head and either said one of two things, "Whatchya doing?" OR "That's a really good way to show that you respect yourselves."/snark

I know I was a dumbass when I was young, but I had some modesty and I didn't go around dry-humping guys and call it dancing.

She is fifty cards short of a full deck. I wonder how she made it to senior year.

Deathlok said...

It's the Dry Humpty Hump!

If she had bigger cans, they would have let her in. . . . .I'm just sayin'

Old NFO said...

Obliviously she wasn't showing 'enough'/snark

sigh... As Mrs. Grim says, what the parents DON'T know would make you cringe.

And this is the generation that is going to be in charge???


RT said...

Yeah, I was wondering what she had hoped to accomplish by showing off little bitty titties. HA! (Yeah, I said it.) The top was so see-thru, too.

I try to hide mine.

I purposely don't people everything I know. I don't want to scare people about teenaged behavior.

There is stuff I don't want to know. I tell my students that they are all perfect angels in my eyes and that if I find out otherwise or if they behave in a manner that shows what degenerates they are, that I'll never think of them the same way again.

Just last week I found out that one of my former students (a real sweety) got busted for drugs. Another one of my kids was walked out in handcuffs, and that student was a complete sweetheart in my class.