Saturday, May 03, 2008

Picture of the Day: Vrrrrroooooooom!

This is yesterday's picture of the day.

When I left the movie, I was feeling a little snarky and full of mischief. Since I am a mature adult, now, I really couldn't run amok; however, that doesn't mean I don't still have that sneaky little smirk and giggle. ;)

This guy was next to me at the light. I love old Camaros. This Camaro
was a SS 350. One of my friends had one and she let me drive it a lot of the time--swwweeeeeeet.

So, when the light turned green, we had a little race. We were in double-left turn lanes. I had the outer lane, he the inner. I knew he'd beat me, but I actually got out of the turn first and was beating him for a quick second. However, it was all part of my plan: I wanted to hear that engine roar...and boy did it.

Those were fumes that I was happy to inhale.


Jeffro said...

Oooh yeah! That car would do!

Paul said...

Muscle car fan eh??...:-)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Got to love the hot-rods!

RT said...

She's purty, ain't she?

THIS was my dream car when I was in high school. I wanted one...candy apple red and jacked-up in the back.

Yeee haaa! Someday, someday....