Monday, May 05, 2008

Positive news...

I think we all need some good news today. Let's begin with the almighty dollar:

I won't even begin to say that I understand all of the financial world's jargon. I'm lucky to have a couple of bucks in my checking account. However, when I see headlines like THIS, and read that the dollar is beginning to rise, it makes me happy.

Elsewhere, there is a sign of things that I believe will make us stronger: the euro is falling. Now, I don't wish ill on hard working folks in Europe who exchange the euro. However, anytime I stick my tongue out at the French makes me feel good.

Now, for the really good news. It appears as if Labour is giving way to conservative politics in the U.K. It's about time.

Now, can we do something about me having to pay $300+ per month on fuel for my car? Good thing I went from a V6 to a 4 cylinder. That helps a little.

O.k., so I know the money talk is not like me. So, how about some humor? (I do a pretty good imitation of this, btw.)

I'll send this out to DBA Dude and Noddy.


USA_Admiral said...

I needed some better dollar news.


RT said...

I'm paying so much to just drive to work and back that I'm thinking of taking a day off here and there so that I don't have to drive.

I've put $160 in my tank the last two weeks.

I don't drive a gas hog, either. I feel really sorry for those who do.

Noddy said...

I really got to you getting in first with my comment at DBA's place, didn't I?!

Noddy said...

p.s. Spam spam spam spam spam......

Noddy said...

Conservative in the UK does not equate with conservative in the USofA.

Believe me it will take a lot longer for us Scots to forgive the Tories that it has our English counterparts. Not that I vote Labour either.

Euro - what's that? Good old Sterling I say.

RT said...