Saturday, May 10, 2008


I've been spending the evening looking at things I might like to do while I'm in Nashville this summer. The very end of my stay, I have in mind some waterfalls and a hike. The rest of the time involves music, continuing the positive route toward better health and well-being, and just seeing some regional and historical sites.

Just a little while ago, I bought tickets for a concert at the Ryman.

He's a biggie! He's an outlaw!

Can you guess who it is? (Without looking at the website!)

I'm getting kind of excited about this trip.


USA_Admiral said...

You have completely baffled me.

I was thinking Nashville would be the Country Music Hall of Fame (but you are a rocker and that would be the ultimate betrayal) or Grand Old Opry.

RT said...

Believe it or not, many rockers have an appreciation for country music. While I'm not the diehard that owns a ton of CD's/tapes, etc. . . I have some and have listened to it off and on most of my life (Hee Haw was a huge favorite of mine, as was a show I can't remember that had a countdown-ish type of show or something--Then there was TNN--I'm full of surprises).

I'm not big on modern country music; it is too pop-ish. Country music has a distinct style and sound that I think has been hindered by people trying to have crossover hits rather than just letting the music be "itself" and if it crosses-over then so-be-it. Some of it is ok, but I'm not real stirred to buy it.

This particular concert is at the Ryman Auditorium where the original Grand Ole Opry took place.

There is a Charlie Daniels concert at the Grand Ole Opry that I'd like to attend, too.

The concert I've referenced in the post is too HUGE a legend to not go see. I'd kick myself.

Wyatt Earp said...

He's an outlaw?

Are you going to go see Jesse James?

RT said...

The motorcycle dude, right? ;P'''''