Thursday, May 29, 2008

Playing the numbers

Since I'm going away for the summer, I wasn't able to get an appointment with my endocrinologist until I return, so the whole blood work thing has to wait. However, I decided to check my sugar yesterday using my mom's monitor. I even took my blood pressure and pulse with her other stuff, too.

For about three years, my blood sugar has been running around 100 +/- a few points here and there (o.k...more like 115 a couple of times). Yesterday, it was 87.

When I tested my blood pressure it was 129/73 (a little high for me, but still normal AND a lot lower than it was when I got ill four years ago).

Then came my pulse. I hate taking my pulse. It is always in the low to upper 80's. Yesterday, it was 68.

Now, if the weight just keeps coming off, I'll be a very happy woman. Throughout this weight-loss thing, I've been concentrating on appearances. I know the "numbers" are lurking, but I always seem to forget the health part of the mix. This reminds me of how important the weight loss is, even if I don't end up a hottie.


Snigglefrits said...

Don't know how much you were aiming to lose or how much you've lost but-

If you're feeling better, looking better and your numbers are better...

Then you must be doing something right! Congratulations!

USA_Admiral said...

I applaud your successes.

When the health gets better everything else does too.

RT said...

A LOT! In fact, when this "competition" is over, I'll update every now and then, but I won't reveal how much I've lost in total until the very end. It is a ridiculous amount of weight. Mostly my fault, partly the thyroid. Sucks. It can be done...God's help, grace, and favor.

Those numbers mean a lot to me. It means that even though I haven't lost all of the weight, what I have lost and the changes I've made, have made a big difference.