Monday, May 19, 2008

Wild West

Once upon a time in the wilds of the untamed frontier city of Boulder there were two ornery men: Harvey and Casey. They were the type of men you wouldn't want to cross. They were quick to settle scores with a hasty draw that would "stick" to your ribs.

One night, though, they crossed each other. As they met outside the local eatin' and drinkin' joint, they faced off over a perceived wrong. You see, Casey felt Harvey would do him in.

So there they stood, the cold air of the night wisping across their sweaty brows, staring at each other without so much as a twitch.

It was so silent you could hear the coyotes in the foothills mocking the alpha-man showdown.

Then, like glass shattering, the silence was broken with a flash. Casey got his man.



Old NFO said...

Doh... Guess that was better than .44's at high noon :-)

RT said...

Stupid, immature people-plain and simple.

Rogue said...


Hey rt, sorry about my Penguins smoking the Flyers over the weekend.

RT said...

The Flyers did way better than most thought they would. I can't complain, nor will I. They made it an exciting spring. :)

USA_Admiral said...

I wondered how long it would be before the Tazer tag would start.

RT said...

I thought the same thing. You'd like to think that people are rational and will not use weapons when there is absolutely no reason to;however, a lot of people choose to not use their brains.

Noddy said...

It even made the 'news' over hereabouts, with the rider (sic) that they were just protecting Mom!

RT said...

What's funny/ironic is that these types use the weapons instead of their fists, because they don't have the balls to use their fists.