Saturday, May 24, 2008

LOTS of pictures!

I thought I'd take some pictures while I was out and about, today. The weather was too beautiful to go home after I took my dad out to lunch. He's looking a bit tired these days. My crazy aunt is frakin' with him, so pray for him. He needs it.

I tried to post the pictures small and line them up, but I suck and I couldn't do it. Just click on them to make them bigger. Sorry this is so long. (Btw., that lady behind my dad's shoulder stared at me almost the entire time we were at the diner. Annoying!)

After we went to lunch, I went to the Delaware River. It is only a two minute drive from my dad's house. We used to go there all of the time. Usually the water is up the retaining wall a bit. It is low-tide right now (smelled like it, too), so you get to see some mud. That mud has lots of shells for the claiming. I used to go down there for the shells.

Views of Philadelphia

Tacony Bridge--opens and closes. I remember when it cost about a dime to cross it.

This is the little marina where I'd like take sailing lessons. Hopefully, I'll be able to take lessons next year.

After I spent a little time in the sun (boy did that feel good), I went to get my car washed--the type where you stay in the car. FUN!

No trip to get my car washed is complete without thoughts of this song and movie:


USA_Admiral said...

Your weekend has started off very well I see.

I have not been on a sail boat but I will before I die. (Did I jinx myself?)

Tubing is fun. We did it a lot in Arizona. I think now there are too many gators here to try it now days.

That car wash clip cracks me up. I am glad I was 14 in 1975.

RT said...

Tomorrow is get rid of the old, too big clothing day! Woo Hoo!

I took that part out of the hope no one gets confused. Tubing on ski slopes and on water is fun. When I was tubing a guy friend of mine flipped me off of my tube and I had to swim a really long time to catch up to it. He was a lifeguard, so if anything happened he could have saved me. Hey, is that what he wanted? Hmmm...I was six or seven in 1975. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Jim said...

Youngster. I remember when crossing the Tacony bridge was a nickel.

Man I'm old. In '75 I turned 20!

RT said...

I remember they used to call it the "nickel bridge." I remember going to some big party for the bridge, too. I think it was its "birthday" or something.

I turned 7 in 1975. Thank you for calling me youngster. :)