Saturday, May 17, 2008

Too freakin' cute!

Today, when I took my dad out to lunch, there were two little girls (one appeared to be around two or three and the other about five years old) eating pancakes with their daddy. At one point the daddy asked the two very obnoxiously cute little girls what will happen tomorrow. Neither could remember and he reminded them that they were going to Hershey Park. The older little girl became really excited and exclaimed to her little sister, "We're going to spend the whole day at Hershey Park! That means we can eat chocolate all day!" WOW! How cute! Imagine the thrill of thinking you are going somewhere to eat chocolate all day.

Later, when the waitress brought the check to their table, she playfully asked the little girls if they were going to pay the check. The littlest one, standing on the floor beside her daddy said no. The waitress asked, "Who's going to pay it then?" The little girl walked over to her daddy and pointed to his back pocket (guess that's where he keeps his wallet). HA! That was just so cute.

I just thought I'd share that to give you all a smile.


fuzzys dad said...

Kids say the wildest thing. And can be brutialy honest.

RT said...

They can be really entertaining, though. The cutest part was when the father had the littlest one walk the tip over to the waitress (she was taking a break not far from their table). The little girl was so proud of herself.

USA_Admiral said...


RT said...

Little kids make me smile. :) Then, I remember that they will be teenagers someday...then I become sad. ;)