Saturday, May 03, 2008


This week I decided that changing things up couldn't hurt. I had noticed that my weight fluctuated within the same ten pound range since I started drinking a protein shake to replace breakfast.

Last weekend, I decided to put my best foot forward and give things a good hard thinking session. I realized that I felt better on the weekends than I did during the week. Well, I hadn't been drinking the protein on the weekends. (That whole structure and routine thing I mentioned.) This week, the protein shake was put aside and in its place were egg whites with mushrooms and rice-based cheese (sounds awful, but mixed with something--not bad). A couple of mornings, I had leftovers from dinner (fish w/quinoa, for example). I managed a total of about two hours of walking this week. Better sleep found its way to me, too.

Yesterday, I noticed I felt really good. I didn't feel run down and foggy. So, it was with a, "Please, ,Lord, at least one pound," that I got on my scale this morning.

I lost four pounds! YAY! Now, hopefully, things will continue to follow that trend.

Hope you all experienced some success this week!


Big Bad Wolf said...

When I've dieted in the past I've noticed things about my body during the experiment. First general rule of thumb is that change is a good thing.

If you're doing regular, hard physical workouts then a protein shake is a good thing. BUT, and I stress this, there are other and to my mind better sources of protein that also taste a lot better. Like your breakfast of egg whites.

You must also remember to not completely starve yourself of carbs...even the bad ones. An oatmeal cookie once in a while won't hurt.

You need to almost confuse your system with changes in diet or it will adapt and become bored. I'm serious. You'll plateau and it will last for a while. When you do plateau...throw in a different exercise, change the length or type to mix it up.

Oh...also, give in to the cravings every once in a while. Reward yourself and your body for all your hard work.

Dee said...

Congrats!!!!! I'm so proud of you for hanging in there this whole time, you are doing awesome!!

RT said...

I have something called insulin resistance and I also have a hypothyroid. Those combined cause a myriad of hormonal and metabolic imbalances. When I eat carbs such as bread, pasta, and potatoes, I gain weight and experience added inflammation. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I get two to three servings of fruit a day and two to three servings of vegetables, too. I vary things on the weekends. I watch what I eat, but I splurge a little, too (to confuse the system as you put it). Today I had fried chicken. Mmmmm.....heh.

I've got a long road to go, so I'm sure I'll hit plateau after plateau. I just can't give up.

***I went to a nutritionist two years ago. She said I needed more whole grains and told me to eat whole grain, low-calorie bread two or three times per day. She wouldn't listen to me when I said my body can't tolerate that much. I thought she, being the expert, I'd give it a go. I gained 15 pounds and then another 10 because I had given up thinking I was a failure. I have since (doing things my way)lost close to 60 pounds since January '07.

Thank you. I decided that I was not going to give up this time. While I want to look good (dare I say appealing), I want to do what's right for my health.

Wyatt Earp said...

You still have a lot of work to do to catch the Fat Man! (Well, the "less" Fat Man.)

RT said...

I probably won't beat you. But, it ain't over yet.