Saturday, May 10, 2008


I was hoping to finally reach the 20 lb mark; however, I'll have to settle for 19 lbs. I lost two pounds this week. Actually, I'm happy about it. I walked close to two hour over the course of the week and I found myself up and about in my classroom more.

I've wanted to be able to go to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia for a little while. It's not super big, so I might finally be able to handle it. I'd like to see the Liberty Bell again, too. In addition to great art and science museums, one of the best parts about living in this area is that there are a lot of cool historical places and museums that pertain to the formation of our nation.

I miss being an active person...soon it will change. Lord willing.


Jeffro said...

Keep workin' on it, RT. Yer in my prayers.

RT said...

Thank you. I appreciate it. I need all the prayer I can get, especially since my mom came home with Cheez-Its and Ring Dings....lovely.

I'm very encouraged about the recent improvement in my leg strength. I'm even meeting a friend for dinner, Friday, and it will require some walking after a long day...and I'm not apprehensive for once.

USA_Admiral said...

As long as you keep on keepin on it will get better and better.

Where you live sounds like an endless list of places to see and things to do.

Cheez-its and Ring Dings; Talk about anguish.

RT said...

The Philadelphia area/Delaware Valley is actually a great place to live (if it wasn't for the cost of living, congestion, and crime, it would be even better).

We are within short or relatively short distances to NYC, D.C., historical sites in Philly, country environments, the mountains (hills to some), skiing, boating, the shore, lots of sports teams, and venues for entertainment.

The pace of life tends to be really high-strung. I'm tired of being high-strung. I'm ready to slow down and just breathe in life.

Mrs Grim said...

Fabulous job, RT, keep up the good work!

You will love the Constitution Center!

RT said...

I went there on a field trip when it first opened. The theatrical thingy was broken and I was busy keeping the smokers from bolting to go smoke.

I turned and said, "Excuse me" to one of the statues of the Founding Fathers. Yeah...