Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Well, these made me laugh.

Just remember guys. . .

That had to leave a mark. Again, why I don't fly and why I always look up when I see one of those little guys.


Aprilwine said...

LOL Those are good. I have to look up when I hear planes too. I just like to watch them fly.

USA_Admiral said...

That was funny.

Toy planes are bad.

RT said...

Hello, stranger!

I tend to think about how high up they are and that they seem to be flying a little low at times. (I live in the flight path to Philly's airport and many regional airports, not to mention and Air Force base.

Yeah, the rubberbands might snap and cause the propellers to stop.

John D. said...

Those are funny, but now I have that "Oscar Meyer Weiner" song running through my head.

RT said...

That is an evil, evil song! HA!