Friday, September 01, 2006

What's your problem?

Well, again, I have nothing. I think my brain may have been swept away with all the wind we are having. So, I got to thinking and tried to think of what "gift" I have that I can share with y'all. (A little lofty, eh?) I'm a good listener. So...ask away and I'll give you well-intended, yet screwed up, faulty advice.

I'm just like Lucy. I'm here to give you advice that will crush your dreams of kicking a football through the uprights. Only, I don't charge a fee.

Advice will be posted Tuesday. Enjoy the holiday, y'all!

Disclaimer: I'm not Dr. Phil, nor do I pretend to be a real psychologist. I am three classes short of a second bachelors in psychology, though. That qualifies me for a radio program, doesn't it?


dragonlady474 said...

Why am I a weirdo magnet??

Deathlok said...

I always thought of myself as the Kite Eating Tree.