Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let's Visit

Sssssssssssssssteve from First with Flair is pimping out his cousin, Wrecks. I've read three posts by Wrecks and have been very entertained. Make sure y'all go over and visit.

Wyatt has an excellent post about the Papal controversy...well, it is only a controversy to some.

Dragon Lady is sharing photos of her trip to Atlanta. Made me think of someone in Savannah who I miss very much it makes me sob.

I think the hippies got to CUG. Anyway, his last two posts gave me the munchies.

Perhaps FIAR is still huffing oil fumes or doing the good-guy thing to the tilt by cleaning up the hazmat site that his neighbors now own.

GOP Man doesn't like me anymore, but I still like his blog.

Deathlock has been drinking his sorrows and stress away....something about "titty bars" is in there somewhere with regard to Wyatt.

The MoxArgon Group has been doing some decorating. More people need to check out that site. It's a good one.

Fmragtops has a very touching tribute to a victim of 9/11.

Someone who knows GrimJack needs to tell him to let us know how his new job is treating him.

Nobody Move has some good movie quotes and a link to Cowboy Bob. The post belonging to Cowboy Bob is priceless.

Rachel has some silly experiences with tech support that frustrated her, but will entertain you.

And well Insolublog....makes us all realize how mortal we are. He should write spy thrillers. I bet he'd rule!

Yes, I'm in denial about my limerick contest. I'm gonna go dream of hockey players who never celebrate a win they haven't offically put in the win box yet. Friggin' Iggles. I picked them out of loyalty when my brain said, "pick the Giants." grrrrr....Oh, and I hope I didn't leave out anyone. Have a good evening/day, whatever.


FIAR said...

So, did I win the Limerick contest?

The Eagles did what they do best - implode. When you can depend on a team to only EVER play one half of football, that's a symptom of bad coaching. I hope Andy Reid dies before next week. (I'm assuming he won't quit or get fired)

Reid couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper bag. He sucks and blows. Screech from Saved by the Bell would do a better job.

Eagles mgmt. Get a freakin clue. The Eagles will never win with Andy Reid in any coaching position.

Grrr! I need the blood of a hippy to calm me down.

RT said...

Dude! I was chillin' until your rant made my blood pressure rise. Actually, just got home from was a see the sun rise and the sun set kind of day (hmmm...that would make a good song.)

How do you not keep your team focused? Now because we went to overtime, Kearse is injured for like ever! Damnit! I teach in Giants country, too. So I walked around pissed off all day. Grrrr is right! (BTW, at the half, I knew they'd blow it...they always do.)

My brain is too tired to think right now. So anyone who entered, wins!!! That was very p.c. and public school of me, eh?

I'm gonna go watch 2 1/2 men, now. Get my laugh on and hope that the Steelers make me 13/16 for my football pool.

FIAR said...

Now because we went to overtime, Kearse is injured

I screamed that at the TV the moment it happened. "He wouldn't be hurt if the game ended in regulation!"

Damn Steelers can't even get a field goal.

Now I need the blood of another hippy to calm me down.

Bad weekend for my teams

RT said... I ended with a respectable 12/16 (I've never done a pool before). So did I win? F*** NO! One of the other teachers picked 15/16 damn!!!!!!!!!!

When Kearse went down I said the same thing and added that all the poor guy wanted was a Reggie White year. I remember how inspired he was by the Hall of Fame weekend and vowing to make his year an awesome one. Damnit!!!!