Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hockey Great Retires

Tie Domi has retired from the NHL. As a Flyers fan I have vivid memories of chanting, "dummy, dummy," during his years as a New York Ranger. My favorite hit against Domi? The accidental mid-ice smash up between Domi and Rod Brind'Amour that left Domi seeing stars and smurfs, while Rod Brind'Amour kept right on going. That was sweet. Better yet, Domi was ok.

Domi, though was more than a thug. He always displayed a good work ethic and seems to be a class-guy off the ice. I was looking for pictures of him to post. While I have posted a picture that shows him for his sport, I did come across a family picture that reminds me...all these guys have hearts, wishes, dreams, families, and other loved ones.

Happy retirement, Domi. You earned it!

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