Thursday, September 14, 2006

There Once Was A Man From Nantucket

Just a reminder: The limerick contest is still going....I'll post winners on Sunday instead of tomorrow.

Let the hippy stomping begin!


rachel said...

Today I was trying and somehow got it stuck in my mind that there were limits on the numbers of syllables in each line of a limerick. I was literally counting the numbers of syllables in "There once was a man from Nanucket..." When I realized there was more than 7, I started to lose faith in all forms of poetry. Fortunately, something at work summoned my attention, and I managed to forget about it until now.

When you start imposing the rules of haikus on limericks, you really, really know it's time for a vacation.

FIAR said...

"I couldn't invent a nifty new limerick
I wanted to do one about beating hippies with a stick
So I'll just wait until next time
To submit my jovial rhyme
And it's sure to be brutal, violent and sick"

Even when I can't do one, I can.

RT said...

Rachel: Before I got to the end of your post I thought, "Is she thinking of a haiku?" Ha ha! That's ok. Today, I was talking class jumping in relation to a novella we are reading and I used Carnegie as an example. I said Dale Carnegie instead of Andrew...DUH!!!! A student politely corrected me; I wasn't offended. :) Just think, I actually had eight hours of real sleep last night...first in years. Couldn't form a sentence all day, but I wasn't tired. Yep..take a personal day!

FIAR: Oh, you keeeeder!