Monday, September 25, 2006

Anyone notice I was gone?

Friday wasn't the 13th or a full moon, right? What a bad freakin' day. I get to school, everything is ok. I begin to feel sick, which is normal for a mold-ridden building. Then, I am informed I have to stay after school yet again...I hate 70 hour weeks. The next class, some idiot kid hits me with a nerf ball. My fault, I brought it into class actually expecting the rocket scientists to obey the rules of the game we were playing. UGH! Then I get into my car to come home...oh, around 7pm...I was there until 10 pm the evening sweater gets caught on something on my car and rips...damnit, I just bought that sweater! Then....I finally get home to my comfy bed, awaiting me is my laptop, ready for me to check my emails and read my links on the blog. The only thing is that my hard drive decides to die. Yippie!!! I get to call Dell and speak to "Mike."

I'll get a new hard drive tomorrow, but how was I supposed to get my work done for the week? I bought a new computer and it is 2:07 a.m. and I haven't gotten anything done but grading and wasting five hours reading a newspaper my students want to publish, but they didn't bother making any of the edits, yet. So...I won't get any sleep tonight---why bother, I've got a new computer. I'm giving the fixed laptop to my mom after it is fixed tomorrow night. I'm tired, cranky, and so over the whole set up a computer and scanner/copier/printer thing. Oh yeah...I upgraded. I'm gonna get photoshop and InDesign, too. So bite me.

So, those of you who thought maybe I fell off the face of the earth or thought I was just sleeping, think again....I almost had a melt down this weekend. I'll be back in a couple of days when I get caught up on my school work.

Every weekend it is something else. I am really beginning to think God is trying to show me that no weekend is perfect and that I just need to get my butt back in church on Sundays instead of doing insane amounts of work.

Now imagine a Miss Piggy karate chop to my laptop and I'm done!


dragonlady474 said...

Mine was weird too, and it's continuing through into this week.aghhh
:) Glad you're back though! And upgraded...woohoo!

Ssssteve said...

Go to church! It won't hurt, it only helps! Well, enough preaching by me!

It is always exciting to get a new computer and upgrades, I second the Woo Hooo!!!

RT said...

DL: I'm still figuring out this computer. It doesn't seem very dial-up friendly. I'll probably hook up the DSL this weekend and then probably spend time cursing it like Wyatt.

SSSSSSSTEVE: I did really well for 12 years (conversion 4/18/92) and when I became ill two years ago I wasn't able to go and then I got into the habit of not going. I've been to church twice in the past two years. It is one of those times that I've realized that my life has somewhat stalled due to my lack of spiritual life...I can preach as well.

BTW, all, I've experienced a major increase in energy over the past two months. Keep your prayers coming...if you can remember to figure in a man in your prayers, too...I'd appreciate it. ;)

rachel said...

If you need any help with the DSL hookup, give a yell.

RT said...

Rachel: Thanks! I was just looking over at the "stuff" and thought...I'd really like to watch the Muppet Matrix. I'm gonna give it a go sometime Saturday. It will be the carrot I dangle to finish my grading and to plan the two new units I'm beginning next week with two of my classes.