Thursday, September 14, 2006

So Watcha Gonna Do, France?

It appears that Al-Qaida and an Algerian group of thugs are banding together to create mass mayhem. Their target? France and the United States. Let's see you get out of this one, France. Yep, we'll be here when the phone rings and you're on the other end boo-hoo'n. We'll say, "I told you so." Then, for the good of the whole...we'll probably bail your asses out--again.


Insolublog said...

We will only bail their asses out of enlightened self interest. The French possess world class nukes. We will not let those weapons fall into the hands of their fifth column.

RT said...

I've got my head in too many of the wrong books, damn. We are going to have to bail them again, then, eh?

I sure hope we elect someone with Reagan's you-know-whats in the next election. Neither side, from what I can surmise, has someone with a stiff enough spine.