Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Other Cool Stuff

I completely forgot the most important of coolest things I experienced today. One of my colleagues was diagnosed with breast cancer around this time last year. I haven't seen her since then-until today. She looked awesome. we didn't talk cancer status. Not my place and she had a tough battle last year. I know she just wants to get back to work. She even wants to help me in my efforts to adopt healthier eating habits. Because of the two issues I have, I have to go somewhat veggie (gulp! hippie!). It is for health reasons, not because animals are people, too. (She's our foods I will be taken care of very well.) I will have prime rib on my birthday, darnit! Anyway. It was so good to see her. She worried a lot about me when I was at my illest.

So...gals, she went four years wihtout a mammogram. Make sure you get tested. I had to two years ago after I got ill. It is no biggie. Scary, but not painful. Men. Encourage your wives/girlfriends to get tested, too. You are with them because you love them...encouraging them to get tested might keep them with you longer. :)

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