Sunday, August 03, 2008

How I roll

Snigs has an example of how her mind works when she is thinking/talking to herself. When my mind is empty, I'm not as witty. I tend to over-think my life.

However, I will give you a peek into how my mind works. It can be a trip. I'm watching a show that is following a band through their first real recording and their official launch. I was watching a photo shoot. They were not "feeling it," as they said. It wasn't "them." My thoughts? "Well, dudes, you signed on that coveted dotted line...suck it up. When you are legend and have been in the business for 10-20 years, then you can make demands." Then that reminded me of the band I lived with, as they were equally full of themselves. (I did their hair and make-up, too....I've been to the photo shoot from hell.) Yeah, they had a record contract, as minor as it was, but that was no excuse to be prima donnas....eight people in a two-bedroom apartment and about to be living in the practice space does not afford you to behave like the world revolves around you. Well, in any case, hope their dreams come true. Unfortunately, the more I watch of their show, the more I see that the individual egos will not all fit in the room. All the little fits of each member wanting equal recognition = doom.

So, as I was remembering my life of 21 years ago and listening to this "new" band, I thought, "Do they realize that even with the show and the new deal, they still have a slim chance of getting whatever it is they are after?" I mean how many one-hit wonders have we liked that we never heard from ever again? Then, I started listening to them talk some more. They admitted they were whining, at least. The singer wondered why they didn't put them in a wrecking yard or something. (Their shoot was in a field somewhere.)

Yeah, that's when my mind switched gears. See, every time I have a thinking-spell (heh) it goes back to a song that I like. You, see, back when Mr. Mellencamp was John Cougar whatever, I loved this song (still do). It was shot a quarry. Quarry, big mechanical stuff....wrecking yard.....yeah...that's how I roll.


Snigglefrits said...

That's one of the first music videos I remember seeing. The song was/is right- we all need each other.

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Snigglefrits said...

And I meant to say earlier- there is nothing wrong with the way your brain works. I like it anyway.

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Aprilwine said...

I like the way you think!